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Tailor made three-layer coextruded tubular films for standard IV-bag primary packaging. The films are produced as tubular film and are wound directly or cut as double wound flat film in customised widths.

  • optimised for hot bar welding
  • shock resistance at lower temperatures
  • sterilisable at 121° C
  • high or extremly low gas permeable
  • excellent water vapour barrier
  • extremely low level of particles
  • extremley low migration level
  • no interaction with drugs
  • for freezing application

product overview Film




PolyCine multilayer filling- and transfer-tubes produced in customised dimensions. The production process and the tube formulation is specially designed for an improved port insertion process and to avoid particle generation. The tubes are easily weldable and adhere with ports made of PC and PP during autoclavation.

product overview Tube




  • for IV application
  • for blood application
  • for cell application
  • for freezing applicaition
  • for nutrition application
  • for CAPS



Over-Wrap Films

The containers are over-wrapped to provide protection from physical environment and to provide an additional moisture- and/or gas barrier when necessary.

product overview Over-Wrap Films



Port Granule

is a polypropylene based polyolefin resin with very a low seal initiation temperature recommended for IV-bag ports that are sealed directly between the bag film. PT 184-V2 contains no technical additives and meets the requirements of FDA and China SFDA standards.

product overview Port Granule


Hot Stamp Transfer Foil

For optimum in hot-stamping foil technology we recommend this high-grade product. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry and produces superior prints.

product overview Hot Stamp Transfer Foil